Eddie Joins Agera Games

Eddie Joins Agera Games

We brought Eddie on!

Coming back from vacation this summer, we came to a joint decision that Eddie would join the company and finish making TOSS!🍌 with us. Eddie will be our very own Visualizer as well as Co-Owner of Agera Games, along with the founders Simon and Albin.

Eddie is going to help us breathe more life into TOSS!🍌, improve the stylized graphics and bring his knowledge and experience of level design & game design into the discussion and decision making.

Eddie has already spent a couple of months working on TOSS!🍌 as an intern during the spring of 2020, after which he became a moderator of the Agera Games Discord server.

Outside of Agera Games, Eddie is tutoring and teaching students at the Indie Game Developer program of our local gamedev community The Great Journey. He also plays a lot of Among Us and enjoys the culinary arts.

If you're active in our Discord, you've probably seen him around already. Even if he's not a new face, he still deserves a warm welcome so make sure you give him a shout-out in the chat! 🐵

Welcome to Agera Games, Eddie!


P.S. We made a blog! What do you want to see on it? Tell us on Discord -> https://discord.gg/MwnsNGz 

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